The Hosts

Suren Simonyan is Armenian and from Yerevan. Originally trained as an architect, Suren later obtained a diploma from Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris. He is also an accomplished artist (pastel and water colorist). Suren is your basic Renaissance Man. All of these disciplines come together to help create the unique experience of Evergreen. Suren is responsible for all culinary creations at Evergreen and holds the title of Top Bear at Evergreen. Jonathan Webb is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is also a trained artist: photographer and painter. Having switched from a cosmopolitan art life to country life, Jonathan is responsible for many of the unseen organizations that go into the daily running of Evergreen. He is also in direct competition for the coveted Top Bear position currently occupied by Suren.

We speak English, French, Spanish, Armenian, Russian and some Italian.

No mention of « HOSTS » would be complete without introducing the fierce guardians of Evergreen: brothers ARROW and SMOKEY, mother Coco and her three kids: Tiger, Red and Eartha. These six rascals patrol Evergreen to insure everything is in good order and under control. Although Arrow and Tiger think they are Siberian tigers, they are in fact exceedingly well behaved, gentle creatures.

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